søndag 17. mai 2009

Ch Le Sphinx Filippiia

N Ch Le Sphinx Filippiia
(Int Nord Jap Ch Seabury JAY Egoiste X Majenkir Tzarina Le Sphinx)
Born: 06.06.2001

Pippi" is my "red head" with her red freckles on her nose :-) Pippi have done very well in the show ring(although she hates it). She gained her Ch title with ease, have lots of BOS, BOB - Group Wins/placements BIS placing, and was the No 1 Most Winning Borzoi in 2005 - so after that we did retire her from the show ring, since she just hates shows. So now she does was she like best - beeing a "coachpotato". Pippi is the dam of our H-Litter in March 2004 and K-Litter in September 2007, and those have also done well in the show ring.